Osmotic wrap Plastic

Osmotic wrap Plastic

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ideal for slimming and firming the body.

So effective it works on its own. 
Iodine concentration at 0.00005% m2 has no contraindications, does not produce irritation. The osmotic quality absorbs the sweat and lets the skin breathe and the iodine gets thinner.

You can use it all day, it does not produce a smell, it does not leak, it does not sound, it is imperceptible, no one will notice that you are wearing it.

If using with gel, leave it on for 30 minutes, then remove the gel and put on some new plastic to get you through the day. Highly hygienic. 

- Ideal for sweating processes
- Decrease in localized fat
- Combats cellulite and flabbiness
- Improves skin hydration and elasticity
- Reaffirming
- No odor
- Does not irritate
- Let your pores breathe 
- Help with muscle bruising problems 
- Reduce to 3 and 6 cm in the second week of use