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DELIÉ 09084

DELIÉ 09084

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MEDIUM COMPRESSION- Medium compression girdles, ideal to be used for sleeping when in a weight reduction process, massages or after aesthetic or post-surgery processes-

**It can also be used as a first girdle when women are not accustomed to high compression or simply look for an invisible silhouette shaping.


This invisible appearance girdle gives the sensation of freshness. It accentuates the curves in a natural way, being free bust can be used with any bra, it has no fasteners or fastening to make it more comfortable to use it in the day to day. It has BEAUTY fabric that helps to maintain the best shaping effects, enhancing the figure with comfort and softness, its cocoa colour makes it perfect to wear with any colour of outerwear, it is not noticeable!


Color: Cocoa

Control level: Medium

Recommended uses: Daily use

Molding area: Abdominal, Legs, Buttocks

Adjustment mechanisms:Smooth

Material: spandex

Style: Knee


- It is a medium compression body shaper which guarantees total comfort.

- Made from soft, lightweight stretch materials for an invisible appearance

- Enhances buttocks in a natural way.

- Its free bust design with removable straps makes it a versatile garment.

- Knee-length coverage for an hourglass appearance.


Garment Care

Washing: preferably by HAND. Avoid using a dryer.

*Use preferably the Mild Soap *

 *Avoid using ACCESSORIES that could damage the garment when putting it on (rings, bracelets and long nails)

*Wash separately

*Drying in the shade

*Do not use bleach