Is a great store of  CLUB-WEAR Apparel, where you can find a variety of fashion garments with all the quality and creativity of American & European fashion.

We specialize in the club-wear line and try to be always at the forefront of fashion, characterized by its quality, following the main trends of the major fashion shows in Latin America, The Unite States and Europe.

We started our business in Lowell, Massachusetts in 2011 with the inspiration of bringing up to date fashion trends to local women in our area. A team of two; husband & wife, one knowing about fashion, the other about business it was a perfect combination. Therefore we decided to open a great store with a great name, something different to our costumers in Lowell.  We started by looking for a name that would give us the difference between Us and other businesses. So we came up with Lakshmi; Which is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. But after 8 years in business we decided to change the name for something more convenient. BOSTONGLAM

We can assure that our products are always going to be up to the fashion trends of today and tomorrow. Although this is not an easy task, we take pride in our work.